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Real Soccer about to close. We are looking for new games to play with our team.

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 Movement and style play of a forward

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PostSubject: Movement and style play of a forward   Fri Oct 18, 2013 9:04 pm

Most important thing for a good play with forward is to pass back when you can't press forward or if you are unsure you can get past defender.
If you notice that a defender uses his block skill, then use kick feint smart, and try to get past him with your speed.
Always go back to the defence, no matter how quickly you'll drain your stamina, it's always better to defend well and wait for a counter attack, then to concede a goal.
There is some sort of a "natural" backspin if you can use the lob pass wisely, for this tip i recommend that u ask me in game practice, 'cause there is no way i can explain it in just words.
1-2 passes and short passes are also essential, but for that there is no actual blueprint, you must practice it, and when you do, try to understand your fellow teammates positioning and movement for best results.
I'll add more when i recall more.
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Movement and style play of a forward
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